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What is linoleum?

Often confused with standard cushion sheet vinyl, linoleum is an extremely durable flooring available in both sheet and tile formats. Available in a huge variety of colours - linoleum is also highly flexible in how it can be installed, whether it is a monolithic look or something more intricate, linoleum has no limits to the possibilities. Borders, insets, patterns and even words and logos are all possibilities with linoleum.

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It’s not your grandmother’s linoleum anymore!

These days, linoleum floors have a whole new image: colorful, fashionable and environmentally friendly. Armstrong linoleum flooring is available in wide range of colors and patterns – from traditional marbled patterns to contemporary flecked designs or graphic patterns. You can also find linoleum flooring in warm earth tones that highlight its organic qualities. Many homeowners like the fact that linoleum is made from natural materials, including linseed oil, recycled wood flour and limestone. These natural materials help to make linoleum anti-bacterial and biodegradable." Armstrong Floors

Durability Built in

Linoleum flooring is very durable – that’s one of the reasons it was such a popular flooring in the early- to mid-19th century. Homeowners knew when they installed a linoleum floor, it would stand the test of time. Today, durability is still a key feature of Armstrong linoleum floors. These floors are highly resistant to gouging and scratching, and they hold up well to heavy traffic. Linoleum flooring can last more than 40 years if it’s installed and maintained properly" Armstrong Floors

Colours... you want colours? We'll show you colours!

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There are well over 100 colours and textures to choose from - just think of the possibilities.

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