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Here’s how Surrey homeowners are transforming their bedroom decor

master bedroom

A master bedroom is your personal space. It is only natural to make sure that it has all the elements that signify your personal style and makes you feel at home. While your guests may never really see your bedroom, you may still want to maintain a classy decor so your bedroom looks appealing and invigorating. Here are our top tips to make it happen.

A patio decor

If you are the lucky few who has a beautiful balcony overlooking a breathtaking view from your master bedroom, you have truly ample scope for beautifying your bedroom space. Consider using a few potted plants (natural are better but artificial work too) or artificial flower vases to enhance the look and feel of your space. Consider buying wooden patio chairs and a table to elevate the overall appeal of your bedroom.

Refreshing your linens

Refreshing your linens can make a great difference to the overall look of your master bedroom. If your bedroom decor is minimalistic, you can opt for floral prints or geometric designs to make it look a tad more colourful. Of your decor already has quite a few decorative pieces, sticking to some basic solid hues will balance out the overall appeal without letting matters go overboard.

You can also try to triple sheet by layering a thin blanket or comforter between two starched sheets. This not only creates a bed that feels crisp but also makes it look more royalty without much effort.

Flooring and wall

Often in an attempt to use their favourite colours for the bedroom, people opt for colours that essentially do not give a relaxing vibe. When choosing the flooring for your bedroom, consider the best tile store in Vancouver for many options. Invest in a good quality carpet to complete the look. When you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, the bedroom wall colour is an absolutely essential consideration. Make sure to use subtle hues. You can have a panel or just one distinct portion coloured a bit darker to create an interesting contrast, but generally stick to solids. Also, we do not recommend too many contrasts, especially if your bedroom is smaller in size.

Little things

Little luxuries like a side table with an appealing lamp, a little bedside picture of your loved one or even a small bouquet of artificial flowers goes a long way to make your bedroom look classy and elegant. Make sure to use smaller pieces or just one big element. Try to match the decoration to the colour scheme rather than opting for totally out of place decors. Avoid putting too many things on your nightstand as they may clutter the space a bit too much.

Mirrors and paintings

Nothing adds an illusion of space more than a giant mirror. Did you know that simply placing a couple of mirrors makes your room look stylish and bigger? You can opt for some colourful motifs or metallic designs around the mirror to create an artistic appeal. Alternatively, you can opt for a classy and colourful painting to elevate the appeal and look of your bedroom. Make sure to again match the colours to the overall decor.

If you need advice to deck out your bedroom, countertop or change your flooring to something classy and elegant on a budget, consider contacting Pacific West Floor Decor. Their state-of-the-class designs and options are sure to resonate with your personal taste and style.

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