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Get the Timeless Vintage Look for your Bathroom

vintage bathroom

“Old is gold” is a popular saying. Nowhere does this hold more true than in bathroom designs. Tradition is the trend these days. Classic designs are the modern fixation. See how you can create the timeless vintage look to give your bathroom a unique character and improve the value of your home.
What is the Timeless Vintage Look?
While many homeowners love the charm of an old home, most turn up their noses at an outdated bathroom. A timeless vintage look is in fixtures and fittings that stand the test of time.

Your bathroom is an oasis of relaxation. Streamline the design with fixtures that are modern but carry the vintage look so they last long. A word of advice: when you change the look of your bathroom to a classic or vintage style, keep things aesthetic by sticking to simplicity or dramatic accents in an elegant setting.


Timeless Tiles
Vintage need not be ornate or expensive. While matte floor tiles are contemporary, lustrous tiles give a classic and expensive look but are cost-effective. Check out natural stone flooring such as marble or patterned tiles. Wood veneers and simple colours, fabrics, materials and elements look good for many years.

Classic Colours
Bathroom colours are best in simple white or neutral shades. Slip resistant large format white tiles look clean and gather less grout. Toilets, tubs and sinks look fresh in white. Soft neutral shades such as beige, cream, cool cucumber green, refreshing turquoise blue or sunny yellow look stunning too. For a bolder, more dramatic vintage look, you may want to consider rich mahogany or dark wood panelling.

Majestic Materials
You can’t go wrong with classic materials such as marble, stone and ceramics that combine a luxurious look with a long-lasting finish. They keep the bathroom cool in summers and warm in the winters. Wood is never out of fashion. It creates a warm, cozy feel, offering total relaxation. Wood also resists high humidity so you can use it in vanities, cabinets or storage shelves.
Distressed wood, stained or whitewashed wood are trendy accessories in bathroom fashion that bring out the old world look.

Old World Style Fixtures
Consider exposed pipes, shower-head and a dramatic brass shower curtain rod. Avoid gold foil and velvet wallpaper because those don’t stand the test of time. A simple design is more durable.

Pedestal Sink
A traditional pedestal sink can instantly change the look of your bathroom from conventional to classic. It creates more space too. An Edwardian-style faucet or tortoiseshell accents on a stunning black countertop can create the look. Install a freestanding clawfoot bathtub to complement pedestal sink.

Painted Wood Cabinets
Wood cabinets in oak or pine can make a bathroom look classic. Painted wood has its own charm too. It is not easy to resurface wood veneer but paint colour and finishes can be easily changed.

Chrome Hardware
Shiny chrome or classic matte brass metalware seldom appear out of style. They are also durable. Consider stainless steel, nickel, silver, bronze, brass, copper or chrome for faucets, showers and bathroom accessories.

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